I'm much closer to the graveyard freaks with the wicker handposts that just did their thing.


Powers is about two teenagers with special powers who investigate strange occurrences. Professor Henry Powers has established the Powers Project to investigate the paranormal, and uses young people with paranormal abilities as investigators. Mark is a telepath with telekinetic abilities, while Song Li is an empath, able to read emotions. The professor is assisted by Dr. Mary Holland (Mandana), who had paranormal abilities as a youngster. Powers aired from January 7th, 2004 to March 31st, 2004, for a total of 13 episodes.

The episodes are:

  • New Kid in Town
  • Missing
  • Shade in the Stone
  • We are Not Alone
  • Land of Nod
  • Things that Go Bump
  • Is Anybody Out There?
  • I'll be Watching You
  • The Uninvited
  • Face Value
  • In the Loop
  • Future Box
  • The Future is Yours