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Fan Stuff

Though the entire site is, at the heart of things, for the fans, there really are some things we include that, while involve Mandana Jones, aren't really informative in a fan site sort of way. For instance, we couldn't imagine where else we might put a "Learn Farsi" section. Or a complete wardrobe chart of every article of clothing she wore in "Bad Girls"! So you'll find them here. :)

Learn Farsi!

From what we've read from other sites more knowledgeable than ours, Mandana Jones speaks Farsi. (A brief, but great history of Iran/Persia and Farsi as a language can be found at this site.) We thought, why bore her with the standard, "Hi, I'm a huge fan," when you can completely puzzle her by mangling her second language?! Thus, we give you this small sampling of English-Farsi words and expressions. You'll thank us for it, even if she won't!

English Farsi
Yes Baleh
Excuse me Be bakh shid
Please Lotfan
No Nah
Thank you Mamnoon am
You're welcome Ghabel na-dareh
Hello Salam
How are you? Hal-e shoma che towreh
Good-bye Khoda Hafez
Good night Shab be khayr
Do you speak English? Inglissi mi-danid
Please bring a pomegranate and walnut curry Lotfan khoresht-e fesenjan be-yarid