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For many, Mandana Jones will forever be known as Nikki Wade from the British series, "Bad Girls". That's not to say she hasn't done other things, but for those of us who are in North America and are limited in what British programming we can see, that is what we identify her with the most. (And because we wouldn't dream of downloading things off bit torrent sites or anything like that. At all. *ahem*) So, Mandana Jones. Born Feb. 26th, 1967 in London, England. Having a Welsh father and Iranian mother accounts for her dark looks and Persian name, meaning, "Everlasting". Also explains why she can speak Farsi. (No, that's not some crazy language developed by Farscape fans; it's the official language of Iran.) Check out our very own Learn Farsi! and learn a couple of words to impress her should you bump into her in either Spain or England, where she resides with her significant other and young son.