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Bad Girls

Ironic that her most famous role gets so little content on this site, innit? Oh sure, we use Nikki Wade a lot for icons and fun stuff, but for the most part, we've stayed away from her most iconic role. Why? A couple of reasons. First, there are so many other really good Bad Girls sites out there, we thought it wouldn't just be redundant, but foolish to try and make our own. Just the time it would take to screencap all the episodes was enough to make us push away from the table! Second, but more importantly, we wanted to make a Mandana Jones fan site that was about Mandana Jones; not a Nikki Wade fan site masquerading as a Mandana Jones fan site. While we acknowledge it was Nikki Wade who made us fans of Mandana, it is Mandana herself who continues to keep us as fans. So while you'll see a Nikki Wade thing or two on this site, we hope to give it as much attention as the rest of her CV, not more.