Self-betrayal is probably the worst kind of betrayal there is.


Otherwise known as the "Build a house around this" advert. :)

Direct Line

This was a verrrry short advert Mandana did for Direct Line Insurance back in 2006. It's so short in fact that we're not going to bother putting up screencaps. It's all of 15 seconds, and we've come to the conclusion that the dog and the sand pile get more screen time than Mandana!

Green Flag

She did 3 commercials for Green Flag, back in 2009. They are "Scream", "Clicker", and "Twiddle", respectively.


This is brand new as of November 2013. She plays a grandmother (!!) with a charming little grandson. We don't have a video file of this yet, so please check out the direct link to the Tylenol ad site on the right.